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Are you looking for training for ETA-related certifications? Being a not-for-profit 501(c) 6 trade association, ETA does not provide its own training. However, ETA partners with many reputable trainers and schools across the globe to help ensure professionals are prepared to take certifications exams. ETA-approved training providers are better-informed, better-educated, and better-suited to broaden your skill sets and teach you new ways of thinking. They offer training opportunities that will directly and tangibly further your strategic career goals.

Planning is an important aspect of career development. By assessing your personal skills and desires for the future, you can choose training that will maximize your individual potential. Career development training is designed to give beginners and professionals alike the opportunity to evaluate and plan their employment futures, as well as expand their job-related skills and knowledge. Training classes often build upon your existing knowledge and abilities and introduce new skills that will enrich your job search or current work experience.

Employers who implement training can encourage employees to take charge of their own career development. Creating employee accountability can boost a different kind of employee engagement by creating a better sense of loyalty to the company, as well as help employees discover on their own what skillsets they want in order to thrive in the organization and in their career overall. Many ETA-approved training providers offer on-site training for group training events, which makes career development training flexible, engaging and personal.

In addition, career development training can help employees become valued resources for other employees. When the skillset is developed, then these employees can become mentors to others in the business, which is another positive aspect to employee engagement, as well as a great way for organizations to grow their own leadership, and thus retain top talent. When career development training leads to better inclusion within the organization, the less likely employees are to leave.

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ETA also offers the opportunity for training organizations to have their course material for ETA-related certifications critiqued. Approval of training for technicians is not something that should be done solely by educators who work mostly with the theoretical side of the field being critiqued. It should also not be done by those with a direct interest in the course providers. It should be done by a legitimate third party - composed of experts in the field; practitioners and educators at all levels. ETA has a network of more than 600 Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in place to assist with course and text reviews. ETA's Subject Matter Experts span all of the fields of certification available through ETA. Read more about ETA Course Approvals and apply.

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Program Categories:

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute Corporate training division, is a training and consulting company with three core competencies: Fiber optic technology, telecommunications, security, information technology training and program development. At ASTI, we leverage our technical expertise, many years of experience in fiber optics and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and strong partnerships with key industry players to provide training services throughout the Caribbean.

Advanced Solutions Technical Institute has established itself as one of the emerging top technological training and educational institutes in Trinidad and Tobago for the past twenty three (23) years, distinguishing its training from its competitors, by offering high quality telecommunications, IT and business courses, a strategic blend of theoretical and practical application, personalized environment, internationally recognized quality assured courses administered by the leaders in our industry, in a small classroom setting where participants can receive individualized attention. Advanced Solutions Technical Institute is an approved ETA international institute. Programs offered include Fiber Optic Professional, Information Technology, Security and Electronics.

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Blue Rock Station LLC offers hands-on and knowledge-based training focused on renewable energy (photovoltaics and small wind). We offer training to those new to the industry as well as to seasoned installers in a relaxed, easy-to-follow manner and format. Our training curriculum has been adopted in dozens of colleges and universities across the nation. Our instructors are consistently rated as excellent by both our students and our partnering organizations. Courses are regularly scheduled, or can be tailored for your specific needs and "suitcased" to your location to train your staff or workforce.

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IWATSI’s highly skilled trainers have trained thousands of technicians and engineers regarding Communications. We not only teach the classes but also have written the textbooks. IWATSI’s training conforms to the DHS COMT and the APCO/ANSI Technicians standards. All classes are HANDS-ON and the students use state-of-the-art test equipment. IWATSI can customize a class for your specific requirements. Classes include General Communications Technician (GCT), Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), RF Interference Mitigation (RFIM), Analog and Digital Service Monitor Best Practices, Subscriber Radio Testing, Line and Antenna Testing, Radio System Engineering, Grounding and Bonding, Telco Wiring Practices, Passive Intermodulation (PIM), HF Radio, and Radio Paging Systems.

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KITCO Fiber Optics trains in three major areas of fiber deployment; Military Shipboard, Commercial and Aviation. We have two fixed learning centers located in Virginia Beach, Va. and National City, Ca. containing two classrooms each with mock ups for hands-on training and troubleshooting. KITCO has five sets of travel equipment to accommodate our commercial, aviation and shipboard military training at any facility in the world. To better meet the needs of our customers KITCO offers certifications in Fiber Optic Installer (FOI), Technician (FOT), SAE Fabricator (SAEFAB), Areospace Technician (AFT), Areospace Installer (AFI), and Evaluation and Endface Cleaning ARINC 805 (FEEC).

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Founded in 1987, Light Brigade has trained over 55,000 people worldwide in its instructor-led public and custom classes. Our training is focused on fiber optic installation, testing and troubleshooting as well as engineering design including specialized applications for FTTx, utilities, industrial, traffic systems, broadcast and many others. We also produce online courses and staff development videos that provide easy to access learning for specific fiber related topics. Many of our courses are eligible for ETA and other independent certifications and continuing education credits.

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