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ETA has a worldwide network of test sites and Certification Administrators.There are 3 options for taking an ETA exam:

1. Search the ETA online database of test sites and administrators to locate the site nearest you. Some Certification Administrators may charge a sitting fee for exam administration.

2. If you cannot find an ETA test site, then you can search the National College Testing Association database to locate an alternate site. NOTE: Additional fees apply with this option.

3. If you cannot find a test site near you, you may take the exam at your local library. You must first contact the library and ask them to proctor the exam for you. Once you have scheduled the exam, contact ETA to send the library’s contact information to us for processing.

*Please note that some ETA exams require a separate ETA-approved hands-on exam prior to taking the exam. These exams will be indicated by an asterisk as they appear throughout the site.

*As provided for under the ADA (American's with Disabilities Act), if you require special needs accomodation in order to complete the certification process, then please notify your Certification Administrator when scheduling your exam.

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