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USMSS Certification

A Wireless Industry Standard now exists for your technicians through a series of independently administered low-cost certification exams that can be held in testing locations near your office. The certifications start with an Associates exam covering basic electronics and goes all the way up to a Master level that indicates proficiencies in 6 different areas of technical expertise with several competency levels available in between.

ETA International, USMSS, the Industrial Telecommunications Association and a Board of independent reviewers, recently completed an updated version of the existing ETA Wireless Journeyman's Exam that reflects the current knowledge standards for our wireless technicians. It is available to anyone with at least 2 years of combined educational and sales experience and like all ETA certified exams you can take the exam a second time free within 12 months at a location near you.

Get your technicians certified by this independent process and advertise the fact that your company uses independently certified technicians. Your customers will definitely feel that your company has met a standard that is open to all and is geared to certifying the capabilities of your technicians. In time, many customers will require this type of independent certification so be the first to complete this process and market this important feature to your customers.

The wireless technician's standard is here and we hope that you support this effort that is designed to help us maintain the highest levels of service quality in our industry.

The USMSS/WCM competency lists each topic considered necessary to be included in a course of study directed towards the education of workers performing installation, maintenance and repair of mobile and fixed radio communications systems. There are 26 general categories of training for the USMSS Wireless Communications Certification (MSS Version 2004e). This competency listing is the syllabus, or identification of each individual subject, in which the technician must be knowledgeable and skilled.

For more information on when and where the next exam will be given, call 847-395-3077 or visit

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