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Remote Proctoring Now Available!

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ETA is pleased to announce remote proctoring in partnership with ExamRoom.AI. To take a remotely-proctored ETA certification exam through ExamRoom.AI, all remote examinees must have a working web cam and microphone.

Read more about the partnership and how to register here.

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Initial scheduling can take up to 48 hours and registration is available Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm EDT. Registering for same or next day testing is not guaranteed.

** Please note that retakes and no shows require a $14 additional fee for a 2 hour exam and $18 for a 3 hour exam.

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Welcome to ETA® International, an accredited, industry-recognized certification association. ETA is a not-for-profit 501(c) 6 trade association that serves technology-related industries by providing individual certifications per the ISO 17024 standard for certification bodies. ETA works closely with top industry professionals to provide industry-backed certifications that fill the needs of ETA's members, though membership is not required to take an ETA examination.

ETA technical certifications are:

Find ETA certifications on the US Department of Labor-sponsored CareerOneStop website!

US Department of Labor-sponsored CareerOneStop

ETA certifications are used by many different companies around the world. With an ETA certification, you can work in areas such as fiber optics, RF communications, electronics, biomedical, renewable energy, smart home, photonics and precision optics, information technology, and more! ETA-certified professionals can be found at companies such as Disney, Raytheon, Google, Verizon, Motorola Solutions, Target, and throughout all branches of the US Military. Prove your skills and strengthen your resume by becoming ETA-certified today!

Whether it's a question about your certification or your membership, you can contact ETA headquarters for official information on your account - (800) 288-3824 / eta@eta-i.org.

No other entity is authorized to handle your ETA certification or membership.

ETA International Applauds the 2019 Technician and Educator of the Year

2019 ETA International Technician and Educator of the Year

Technician of the Year - Bruce Mues, FOI, FOT-OSP, Servo Technical Specialist III at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Socorro, New Mexico.

“Bruce seems to know when a job is going to be a two-person job and takes me with him to troubleshoot servo issues on the antennas any chance he gets because he knows I am trying to learn that side of our team. He is willing to help everyone at NRAO – not just those on our team. He helps me any time I ask - and sometimes when I don't,” said his nominator and co-worker Cindy George, FOT, FOT-OSP.

Educator of the Year – Aaron Cleveland, CET, Electronics/Instrumentation Instructor at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College (MGCCC), Jackson County Campus.

“Aaron spearheaded MGCCC’s recent work with ETA to help develop the Basic Systems Technician (BST) exam that MGCCC uses to track Technical Skills Attainment for our programs related to electronics. By designing and building our lab stations in-house, he has saved the college tens of thousands of dollars over commercially available equipment,” said his nominator and supervisor John Poelma.

New and Updated ETA Certifications

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

ETA® International’s current Distributed Antenna System (DAS) certification, originally released in 2013, will become all-inclusive in order to cover public safety two-way radio FCC rules, along with fire and building code compliance as well as user needs, system design, component selection, component integration, installation, optimization, testing, and maintenance. The expanded ETA public safety DAS certification program will now cover the material required of professionals whose work can affect millions of people where their safety is at risk, along with the hundreds of thousands of first responders who also depend upon these systems to work correctly.

Improper design, installation, and commissioning will result in harmful interference or even tragic loss of lives. The FCC will levy major fines if these DAS cause harmful interference per 47CFR90.219. Current building codes require all new and retro-fitted buildings to be energy efficient, but these efficiencies can severely disrupt radio frequency communications. All buildings are required to have a DAS capable of providing public safety personnel (police, fire, and emergency medical responders) with reliable communications between themselves and their dispatchers and other officials.

The current ETA DAS certification will be expanded into four separate disciplines that will include:

  • DAS – Installer
  • DAS – Technician
  • DAS – Designer
  • DAS – Code Compliance


Fiber Optics Evaluation and Endface Cleaning (FEEC)

Qualified to lead the aerospace workforce, ETA® International-certified Fiber Optics Evaluation and Endface Cleaning (FEEC) professionals have validated knowledge and skills required for working with fiber optics in the aerospace industry. The FEEC defines general practices for testing the physical layer of a fiber optic cable system and outlines proven practices for engineers and technicians engaged in testing and supporting fiber optic cable systems in aircraft.

Ideal for technicians working towards careers in aerospace fiber optics, the FEEC is widely accepted by the aerospace industry and also used in other high-reliability sectors. The FEEC provides guidelines for continuous improvement to help manufacturers and suppliers remain compliant with industry standards and deliver reliable high-speed data transmission in durable and lightweight construction that customers demand. Technicians must have certified knowledge and skills necessary to install and maintain fiber optics that can withstand the harsh and challenging environments that fiber optics encounter throughout an aircraft's service life.


Smart Technology Systems (STS)

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, ETA International recognized that the professional trade association’s Residential Electronics Systems Installer (RESI) certification needed a revision to certify electronics technicians in the ever-growing field of Smart Technology Systems (STS). As Internet technology began to spread across the world, it was understood that the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) would limit the growth of the Internet around the world and the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) initiated the design and development of IPv6 to support the expanding use of the Internet. Since IPv6 now allows for multiple levels of sub-netting and address allocation, it can support the massive proliferation of devices connected to the Internet.


Audio-Video Forensic Analyst (AVFA)

As a trier-of-fact, an expert's opinions and methods are expected to survive peer review and courtroom challenges. In a court of law, the professional expert work and opinions of an Audio Video Forensic Analyst (AVFA) may need to withstand a Frye challenge, and their Curriculum Vitae (CV) may need to endure a Daubert challenge, since it is the Court who will determine if those opinions will be entered into the record as expert assessments. The need for these professionals to have their knowledge and skills validated with an accredited certification was brought to the attention of ETA International by experts working in the field. Together, ETA and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) developed the stringent competencies that the AVFA must obtain in order to be acknowledged and respected as a courtroom expert in accordance with industry standards and best practices.

“At the end of the day, it's the Court that decides whether a person will testify or not, and it would be wise to have it on record that we (ETA and the SMEs) are aware of the Court's stature,” said Marisa T. Déry, Owner and Forensic Analyst, Tamar Forensics.


What Can ETA Do For You?

Why Choose ETA

Founded in 1978, the Electronics Technicians Association, International (dba ETA® International) represents the electronics industry, from the technician and educator to the corporate institution.

Widely known for our vendor-neutral programs, and accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC), ETA helps you advance your knowledge and excel in your field.

ETA has issued over 150,000 technical certifications covering more than 90 certification programs in a variety of technology fields. You can find ETA-certified professionals working for many well-known companies like Motorola, Google, ESPN, and the United States Armed Forces.

Learn more

Prepare For An Exam

Do you need study materials for your certification exam? ETA offers many of the suggested study materials (listed at the end of each of our competencies) in the ETA online store. If you don't see the specific book you are looking for, then please check online or your local bookstore.

ETA also publishes two books in-house for the popular Associate CET (CETa) basic electronics and Customer Service Specialist (CSS) workforce readiness certifications. Each of these study guides are written by industry professionals, and feature chapter quizzes and practice exams. ETA members receive a discount on the ETA study guides. Bulk discounts are also available.

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Take An Exam

Interested in taking an ETA certification exam? Once you have decided which ETA certification exam(s) you would like to take, find an ETA test site near you to take the exam.

Next, you must decide whether to take the exam online with Trapeza, ETA's online testing site, or on paper. A Certification Administrator must be present no matter which method of testing you select. You will then need to schedule a time to take the exam with your chosen Certification Administrator.

ETA is also one of only 13 FCC COLEMs approved to administer FCC licenses in the United States. You can take an FCC license exam at most Certification Administrator locations.

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Maintaining Your Certification

Rapid changes in technology and products have also changed the methods used in servicing them. ETA supports certification maintenance and abides by the ISO 17024 standard. Certification maintenance is also required by ETA's accrediting body, the International Certification Accreditation Council (ICAC).

By maintaining your ETA certification, you provide verification that as a certified technician, you are keeping up with current technology and enhancing your abilities and knowledge.

Maintain your certification

Promote Your ETA Certifications With A Digital Badge!

Digital badges that allow ETA International certification achievers to display their hard-earned credentials on social media pages, professional association websites and resumés are a new asset for all ETA certifications. ETA-certified professionals who have up-to-date certifications can request their digital badges by contacting the ETA office. Expired certifications are not eligible for digital badges.

ETA digital badges promote lifelong learning that extends beyond the classroom and brings to light accomplishments that otherwise might not have been visually displayed. ETA digital credentials can easily be searched at https://www.youracclaim.com/organizations/eta-international/badges, allowing employers looking for specific skills to seek out prospective employees based on a set of competencies, instead of waiting and hoping to find the right candidate.

Benefits associated with ETA digital badges include the ability to capture the complete learning path, "traveling" with the holder wherever they display the badge, symbolizing skills and achievements. Each badge is tethered to ETA to validate achievement and carries with it information about assessment, evidence and other data required by the badge.